Certified Migration Partners will be promoted on Drupal.org, alongside a migration resource library, to any end users looking for help. Learn more about the Drupal 7 Certified Migration Partners program.In order to assist Drupal 7 site owners in migrating their sites, we have established a resource center and encourages all site owners, support teams, and contractors to visit the site to learn about transition options. We’re here to support you in your Drupal 7 site migration!

The Drupal project has announced that Drupal 7 will officially reach its End of Life on 5 January 2025. This date marks the 14-year anniversary since Drupal 7 was released on 5 January 2011. This will be the final extension of support for Drupal 7, meaning that after this date, if your site still runs on Drupal 7 it may become more susceptible to security vulnerabilities if no action is taken. Thus, it is recommended to migrate your site as soon as possible.

Upgrade to Drupal 10 or migrate to another CMS

For more technical information, refer to the Drupal 7 Security Advisory post.
The Drupal Association is working to certify migration partners to help Drupal 7 site owners.
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Stay tuned for even more resources that will help you during your migration process. We are confident that this resource page will make your Drupal 7 migration experience a breeze! Begin your migration journey now.

Introducing the Drupal Association migration partners program

Ongoing assistance is achievable due to the dedicated efforts of Drupal core maintainers, the Drupal Security Team, as well as the contributions from organizations and volunteers addressing Drupal 7 concerns. You can support the work of the Drupal Security Team by donating on their Security Team Donations page. Your support is valuable!
If you are still maintaining a Drupal 7 site – now is the time to begin your migration plan from Drupal 7! The Drupal 7 End of Life page will be continuously updated with new resources as End of Life approaches, such as how to migrate and a list of migration partners.
The Drupal Association is working to get the word out to Drupal 7 site owners that support will be ending and to provide them with reliable information to make plans to transition their sites,” commented Tim Doyle, CEO of the Drupal Association, “Drupal 7 site owners have options, from graduating to Drupal 10 or looking at other open source CMS that might be more appropriate given their goals for their site.

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