I expect that the issues and projects that we are promoting will change over time, so we’ll share soon how you can get updated information.For now, this is the list of issues where (core for now) maintainers need your help. The reward will be a boost to marketplace rank equivalent to 5 times the normal amount for these issues. Sounds good?
Make sure to read Drupal Core’s Issue Etiquette for core contribution, and the Contributor Guide. 
If we had a structure that aligned us to the project we were contributing to, our contributions would have been more impactful, business would have benefited in a more meaningful way, and the whole team would have probably been allowed to contribute even further and longer in time. We did amazing things, don’t get me wrong, but the impact of those could have been much bigger.
I don’t think that these are a few isolated cases, as it’s not the first time I’ve seen this trend. Back when I was working for a 100+ developer consultancy firm there was a big corporate push to increase our contribution to open source. And contribute we did. We started “Pizza Fridays”, which meant we were spending Fridays contributing, doing presentations between us, and having pizza for lunch. We had fun, but we lacked structure, purpose, and higher goals (and a healthy diet on Fridays). Our plan was not aligned with anything other than our own appetite to experiment or learn something.
That’s why, today, we are introducing the credit bounty program. The idea is to do an initial experiment, and if it has an impact on Drupal moving forward, we’ll tweak it if needed and continue with new iterations.
Have questions or ideas? Please ping me: alex.moreno@association.drupal.org

  • Cannot save translated nodes after upgrading to 8.8 due to invalid path
  • Composer scaffolding fails when permissions on default.settings.yml or default.settings.php is not writable
  • Configuration language being overwritten during module install
  • Prevent saving config entities when configuration overrides are applied

As part of my role in the Drupal Association, we are trying to find new ways to unleash innovation. Innovation as it happens is a key goal for the Drupal Association. What surprised me when I started with the Drupal Association was to meet companies that were contributors, (some of them known for being long-time contributors) or that are very interested in contributing, but then not knowing how they could maximize their contributions or even where they should be contributing to.
If you are a maintainer and you would like us to include your issues in this pilot program, that may be a possibility as well, so please send me an email: alex.moreno@association.drupal.org. Depending on how this first phase goes, we may start promoting contributed module issues as well based on the popularity of the modules, usage on sites, complexity, how innovative they are, etc, etc
Maintainers will grant credit as normal on these issues, and the contributing organizations that the maintainers credit will receive the full bounty

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