Plesk Obsidian 18.0.61 Release: A Comprehensive Overview

Plesk Obsidian is a popular web hosting control panel that simplifies the management of websites, domains, and hosting services. The 18.0.61 release of Plesk Obsidian brings several new features, improvements, and bug fixes, enhancing its functionality and user experience. Below is an in-depth look at what this release offers:

New Features

Enhanced Security

  • Advanced DNSSEC Management: Improved DNSSEC support ensures better protection against DNS spoofing. Users can now easily manage DNSSEC for their domains directly from the Plesk interface.
  • Improved Security Advisor: The Security Advisor tool now provides more detailed recommendations and automated fixes for common security issues, ensuring your server remains secure and compliant with best practices.

User Interface Improvements

  • Redesigned File Manager: The File Manager has been updated with a modern interface and enhanced functionality, including better file preview options and drag-and-drop support for easier file management.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Numerous UI improvements have been made to streamline the user experience, making it easier to navigate and manage hosting environments.

Performance Enhancements

  • Optimised Server Performance: The latest release includes various performance optimisations, reducing server load and improving overall response times for hosted websites.
  • Faster Backup and Restore: The backup and restore processes have been significantly sped up, reducing downtime during maintenance tasks.


Expanded Extensions and Integrations

  • New Extensions Available: Several new extensions have been added to the Plesk Extension Catalog, providing additional functionality and integration options for users.
  • Improved Compatibility: Compatibility with third-party applications and services has been enhanced, ensuring smoother integrations and fewer conflicts.

Database Management

  • Enhanced Database Tools: Database management tools have been improved, offering more options for database backup, restoration, and optimisation. This includes better support for newer database versions.

Email Management

  • Advanced Email Security: Improved email security features, including better spam filtering and anti-virus protection, help ensure that your email services remain secure and reliable.

Bug Fixes

Resolved UI Issues

  • Fixed Display Problems: Various user interface display issues have been addressed, ensuring that all elements are correctly rendered across different devices and screen sizes.
  • Improved Accessibility: Accessibility improvements have been made to ensure that Plesk is usable by individuals with disabilities.

Performance and Stability Fixes

  • Crash Fixes: Several stability issues that could cause Plesk to crash under certain conditions have been resolved, improving overall system reliability.
  • Memory Leak Fixes: Memory leaks identified in previous versions have been fixed, ensuring better resource utilisation and performance.

Email and DNS Fixes

  • Email Delivery Issues: Problems with email delivery and SMTP configurations have been resolved, ensuring reliable email communication.
  • DNS Configuration Fixes: Various DNS configuration issues that could affect domain resolution have been addressed.


The Plesk Obsidian 18.0.61 release represents a significant step forward in terms of security, performance, and usability. With its enhanced features, improved user interface, and robust security measures, this release ensures that Plesk remains a leading choice for web hosting management.

For web hosting administrators and developers, staying updated with the latest releases and features of Plesk is crucial for maintaining a secure and efficient hosting environment. The 18.0.61 release not only addresses previous issues but also introduces new capabilities that can help streamline operations and improve overall service quality.

By keeping your Plesk installation up to date with the latest releases, you can take full advantage of these improvements and ensure that your hosting environment remains secure, efficient, and user-friendly.

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