I started programming in PHP 15 years ago. The longer I coded in PHP the more I hated its shortcomings. This made me try out Ruby and Rails and I was blown away on the development speed you can achieve with Rails. I still have to code in PHP for older projects, but if I had to start a new one I would always go with Rails (or maybe Sinatra). Ruby and Rails are much more consistent, fully object-oriented and developer-friendly in contrast to PHP. However, if you are a beginner than Rails is probably too difficult to grasp. You will need some experience to understand its advantages…
Php is Better
But if the criteria are frameworks wich allow you to generate your app with little code needed, Rails has no concorrents.
IMHO. Very tendencious analysis. Seem to me the author had already a formed option.
FYI – the author of ruby on rails has a first name too. He is David Heinemeier Hansson.
I believe the right comparassion would be between frameworks that generate CRUDs like RoR, or the comparission should be Ruby vs PHP in wich case just for que maturity and comunity PHP has wins.
You can not compare ruby on rails with php. Have you tried PHPs Symfony framework? if yes compare Ruby on Rails with PHP Symfony
Hey Martin,
So are you saying you prefer ROR in this case?

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