Hello Louis,
Thank you for the reply.
The “read more” link you provided does not work.
Hi Jason, we suggest you open a ticket with our dedicated support, as they can look at your specific settings to see what’s up. I hope this helps you further.
Hi Michael,
Can you still use a free Let’s Encrypt Certificate for the domain and have it auto-renew if you are using Cloudflare DNS?
I’ve done this but I still see actual client IP addresses in our Apache HTTP logs. Is that normal?
It will depend on the SSL/TLS encryption method being used on the Cloudflare side and whether the IP of the domain is being proxied. The certificate can be issued as expected if the IP in question isn’t proxied. Here’s a link to read more. I hope this helps.
Hi Michael, perhaps this one works better. 🙂
Thanks for the detailed article. I was considering to go for CDN, but was apprehensive to change the DNS settings. Now I will opt for Cloudflare CDN !

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